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  • Can I return a product if I am not satisfied?
    Yes, we accept returns within a defined period of time after receiving the product. Consult our returns policy for the conditions and steps to follow.
  • Are the products new and under warranty?
    Yes, all our gaming products are new and covered by a warranty. See our Terms and Conditions for warranty details.
  • What are the delivery times and associated costs?
    Delivery times vary depending on your location. You can find detailed information on delivery times and costs incurred during the ordering process.
  • What types of gaming products do you offer on your site?
    We offer a wide range of gaming products including controllers, headsets, mice, keyboards and various accessories to enhance your gaming experience.Find all our products on our store.
  • Where can I find the instructions manual for my product?
    All documentation for our products is accessible on a dedicated page.
  • Are the products I purchase compatible with the latest versions of consoles and PCs?
    We ensure that our products are compatible with the latest versions of consoles and PCs. See detailed specifications for each product for more information.
  • Are the products you offer compatible with different platforms (PC, consoles, mobile)?
    Yes, our entire range (controller, headset, keyboard, mouse or other gaming accessories) is compatible with different platforms. Be sure to check the specifications of each product on the corresponding product sheets or in our store to ensure compatibility with your platform (Switch, PC, PlayStation, Xbox, mobile etc.).
  • How do I configure the programmable keys on my controller, keyboard, or mouse?
    Button customization depends on your product model. Consult the specific documentation.
  • How do I pair my Revolt Bluetooth controller with my PS4?
    The first connection of the controller to the console must be done via the USB cable supplied with the controller for proper pairing of the product and unlock wireless use. 1. Plug the USB cable into the PS4's USB interface, and the other Type-C end into the controller. After the light flashes, press the "HOME" button to connect. Once the LED light is on, you are now connected. You can use the wireless controller by unplugging the data cable once the light remains on continuously. 2. To reconnect to the PS4, press the "HOME" button to power it on, and it will automatically connect. Find this manipulation and much other information in the Instruction Manual included in the controller box or also available here: REVOLT Instruction manual section. (
  • How do I pair my Revolt controller for mobile games (Android and Apple)?
    1. Hold down the SHARE button on the controller and press the HOME button on the controller to turn it on. 2. On your Android/Apple Mobile device, search for the name "Wireless Controller" in Bluetooth. 3. When the LED light turns on, you are connected. /!\ Make sure to press the SHARE button and not just HOME, otherwise the controller will not connect in the correct mode. Note: Android phones support standard HID modes, and Apple Mobile supports MFI games.
  • How can I activate vibrations on my controller?
    Make sure your controller vibration is enabled in the console or game settings. Depending on your model, you can also adjust the intensity of the controller vibration. Find all the information on your controller's documentation to be even more efficient in your gaming sessions.
  • How do I pair my controller with my SWITCH™ ?
    To pair your controller (Bluetooth®), you have two options: A direct wireless connection with the Switch™ console: 1. Switch on the console. 2. From the HOME MENU, select Settings. Then select Airplane mode => Bluetooth => Activate. 3. Return to the HOME MENU, select Joysticks, then select Change style/order. 4. Press and hold the HOME button on the controller for 3-5 seconds to enter pairing mode. The LED indicator will flash rapidly. The controller will vibrate when successfully paired with the console. A connection via the wired connection with the Switch™ console: 1. Activate the wired connection option in your console's settings, then place it on its base. 2. Connect the controller via the USB cable, and it will automatically connect to the console. If you disconnect the data cable, the controller will automatically connect to the console via Bluetooth. Refer to the instruction manual on your controller for detailed instructions.
  • How do I connect my controller to my PC ?
    To connect your controller to your PC, you have two options: Wireless connection (Windows 10 compatible, computer must be Bluetooth-enabled): 1: Make sure your computer's Bluetooth receiver is activated. 2: Find a new wireless device in your computer (controller name: Pro Controller). 3: Press and hold the HOME button for 3 seconds to enter Bluetooth search and pairing mode; the LED indicator flashes rapidly. 4: Enter the pairing code on the computer; the code is "0000". 5: Once the connection has been established, the LED indicator remains lit. Wired connection : When the controller is connected to the PC via aUSB cable, its LED lights up green to indicate that it is successfully connected. *By default, the controller's mode is "X-input". You can switch it to "Pro controller" mode by holding down the + and - buttons for 5 seconds. Note: When the joystick is connected to the PC in X_INPUT mode, the ABXY buttons are used in the same way as the Xbox™ controller buttons. Refer to your controller's instruction manual for further information.
  • How do I update my SWITCH™ controller?
    No update is required to work with SWITCH™, SWITCH™ OLED or Lite consoles in wireless mode. In the case of a Nintendo® update making third-party peripherals incompatible, a software will be made available for free download on our website. The update must then be performed on a wired PC (and not on the console, which would remain locked at 0%). Find out more about your controller in its instruction manual.
  • How to set up the back buttons of my Revolt controller ?
    You can easily set up you controller by following these steps : 1. Hold down the SHARE button on the controller and press M1 again. The HOME light will flash rapidly. This is the adjustment mode. The M2 adjustment method is the same as above.  2. When the adjustment mode is activated, the HOME light will flash rapidly. At this time, the keys can be configured, and the keys pressed by the controller will be recorded on the M1 keys. For example, press the A button, and A will be entered on M1 (this key is listed: other keys can also be entered).  3. If you need to set more than one key: press A, press B, press X, and press Y, the output order by M1 will be A B X Y. (This key is defined in the list: another output order can be configured 12 ABXY/up/down/left/right/L1/L2/R1/R2)  4. When the key is pressed, the M1 is pressed to complete the programming, and the light remains on. You can find all your controller information on your user guide: or on our website:
  • How do I connect my headset to my consoles or PC?
    The Nebula headset connects to various audio devices via its 3.5MM Jack cable. Xbox™ special feature: when playing on Xbox™, be sure to mute the TV otherwise sound will come out of the TV and headset at the same time. As a reminder: the USB-A cable only controls the LED (the audio function is only connected via the Jack). For this LED function, compatible with the SWITCH™, SWITCH™ OLED and SWITCH™ LITE, be sure to connect the USB-A cable via the USB port on the charging dock or use the included dongle adapter (USB-A to USB-C).
  • What are the recommended configurations to take full advantage of my gaming headset?
    Check the headset specifications for recommended audio configurations for the best, most immersive gaming experience.
  • How do I activate the LED function on my Lumitron keyboard?
    To activate the LED function on your keyboard, simply press the corresponding key (Scroll Lock):
  • Which products is my controller case compatible with ?
    The controller case is compatible with all Oniverse controllers and official products (Dualshock™, Dualsense™ Edge, SWITCH Pro™, Xbox™...).
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